We meet such a large number of individuals consistently however not every person can turn into that best piece of our life. They are the person who can transform each scowl into a grin. They are your closest companions among all others as they are the person’s who know you, comprehend you more than you do. Furthermore, the odd and best part is they adore you even subsequent to knowing how senseless you could be on occasion.

So we should perceive what are those things that exclusive your Best friend think about you

They can name that certain song that always makes you cry

They know that favorite movie of your’s that you will never admit in public.

They know your family and how weird are they at times.

They know how much you hate that person you just smile at

They know all about your favorite music, books, games etc etc.

They rightly know how to get things done from you.

They know the exact number of rejections you faced till date

They will always place order for you since they know it better

How you really feel about your upcoming birthday

That your past mistakes and dark secrets are no one else’s business


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